Coding away at a cat cafe.

Hey, it's Olivia!

I'm a designer and front-end engineer who makes things for humans.

I'm passionate about solving interesting problems through a careful design process, and creating thoughtful, data-rich interfaces built on top of solid design systems. I'm excited about the ways in which great user experiences can benefit and improve everyday lives.

During my time at Sunlight Labs, I led product design and design research for OpenCongress, a platform that allows users to track and follow activity in the U.S. Congress. I advocated for front-end best practices, helped champion open design, and evolved our design processes.

At ISL, I explored component-based design practices, pushed for tighter collaboration between designers and engineers, and obsessed over web typography, performance, and CSS architecture. More? Puruse the resume.

In 2016, DCFemTech named me as one of D.C.'s most Powerful Women Designers.

In my free time, I like making things that bring people joy and delight.

D.C. based, New York born and raised.